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about us
Jiangsu Hongbo gas equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. Its registered capital is 20 million yuan. Hongbo is a high-tech enterprise. Suzhou headquarter has sales department and after-sales service department, with 800m2 overhaul workshop and 400m2 exhibition area. Dongtai Hongbo integrates R & D, design and production, covering an area of 150000m2 and its factory area of 8000m2. Hongbo group has more than 100 employees, including 16 engineers and 18 after-sales service engineers.
Company strength
Company Strength
Gas engineering one stop solution service provider
Gas engineering one stop solution service provider
Hongbo advanced standard production management mode, reasonable process arrangement, quality trace-ability and responsible person system, the process and quality of each process are controlled
Provide customers with comprehensive maintenance services, so that you can enjoy fast after-sales and equipment operation guarantee
Strict out-of-factory testing procedures, each equip-ment must pass strict testing before leaving the facto-ry, with an independent quality inspection department to monitor the quality.
Hongbo promises to meet the market demand for higher efficiency and reduce your production costs through continuous technological improvement and upgrading
Service process
Service process
News Center
news center
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